VW Camper

The YesWeCan Camper VAN – 1971 Westfalia from Germany, imported to Portland, Oregon, USA

Here’s what the van looks like ……

Named the YesWeCan CamperVan (aka DEXTER as christened by the previous and first owner) an all original, 1971 Bay window Westy. Purchased by Carole Brown on EBay in October 2009, from Przemek of Antczak Motors in Ashland, Oregon, we started out on December 19th to drive over 4000 miles across America. This blog shares with you our journey and our mission to share inspiring stories on how to live more happily in harmony with each other and our beautiful world.

Change is possible one step at a time, one person at a time, hence the name, the ‘YesWeCan’ CamperVan!

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Here’s a BIG THANK YOU to the VW mechanics who worked on the YesWeCan CamperVan during our 2010 road trip across 10,000 miles, in order of meeting:
Ken in Medford, OR – initial inspection, compression check, valve adjustment.
Eric in Willits, CA – new radio, spark plugs, cigarette lighter socket (for charging iPod).
Chris in Willits, CA  – replaced front headlight, adjusted valves and timing.
Tyrone in Oxnard, CA – adjusted clutch and timing.
Buckwheat in Carpinteria, CA – repaired exhaust leak, adjusted valves, changed oil.
JP in Albuquerque, NM – adjusted timing.
JC in Bakersfield, CA – adjusted valves and timing, replaced oil sensor and various gaskets, adjusted brakes and clutch, replaced fuses and repaired worst of oil leaks

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@CESbound is griffintech’s twitter page about their 2,476 mile drive to Las Vegas for the nation’s largest consumer electronics show in their (somewhat) restored 37-year old VW camper-van, custom painted as you can see in htis photo taken by a visitor to their exhibitor site at CES Vegas January 2010…..

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The following history information comes courtesy of http://www.volkswest.co.uk and is reproduced word for word. Thank you Shane [Shane@VolksWest.co.uk] To see the source, go to their website at http://www.volkswest.co.uk/camper_history.html …………..

The history of the Camper van really goes back to the end of the 2nd world war, and the British found themselves running the VW factory in Wolfsberg in Germany. To ferry parts across the massive factory, stripped down VW Beetles were turned into little transporters, (below) a good idea thought Ben Pon (below right) a Dutch VW

Beetle Based Transporterimporter who in 1947 sketched his idea of a Beetle based van. (below left) Two short years later it was launched at the Geneva Motor Show as the modern equivalent to the ox and cart.

They say most ideas are simple ones, the one behind the VW bus is as pure and simple as they come. It started life off as a box on wheels and what a big box, 170 cubic feet and enough room to hold a 15 hand horse. It was meanly simple and in the next 5 yearsBen Pon VW would turn out 90 different body combinations from, refrigerated ice-cream vans, half a hundred delivery vans from mobile milking machines to bakers bread vans, scores of milk floats, florists, vetenary surgeons , beer wagons, butchers shops, mobile grocers. Then there were the police wagons, fire engines, ambulances, the pick ups and last was the camper van. The first big sale was in America , in the mid 50s with dinky sinks and cozy cookers it was the home from home. By 1963 SketchAmerica had purchased 150,000 of these camper vans. The splitty was replaced in 1967 by the bay window model and what the bay lost in personality it gained in refinements with having windup windows and a top speed of 80mph. The bay window made the VW a success and by 1975 the Hanover factory had turned out 4 Million of these vehicles. Not bad for a van that started life as a box on wheels. A different choice of engine sizes were available from the 1600cc, 1700cc, 1800cc and 2000cc. VW had been giving away gold watches to anybody who got past the 100,000 mile mark, but had to stop when the bay window model arrived after giving away 160,000 watches, because it became more reliable. But in 1979 all that personality stopped be replaced by the wedge, the comfy camper became a bungalow on wheels (hope this does not offend any T25 owners). There are 5 Million of these vehicles made by VW so they must have done something right when they made the Camper Van

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More about our 1971 Bay VW Westfalia camper van later!

For photographs of our van, go to http://bit.ly/8W5ydC

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  1. I will add this blog to my favorites, it is great.

  2. An inspirational trip in an old VW Camper Van and a great blog

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