Anything is possible in a VW bus

WOW these buses can get through anything! We are now feeling much better about our upcoming road trip across the States!!!


Endurance test to get to VW meetup

I knew I should never have left California last year!

Look at these photos to see why countless flights were cancelled in the north east of USA today and why I’ll miss meeting Eric in Vegas tonight and riding in his gorgeous green VW camper tomorrow to ‘Buses by the Bridge XV‘.

My Volvo at 09:00 and hours more snow to come

The size and severity of this storm also explains why I’ll be one whole day late arriving.

Today after digging out the car to get to the airport, Southwest Airlines called to cancel my fourth flight booking in a row (book/cancel/ book/cancel ….) all for the same flight from Providence, Rhode Island, to Las Vegas. Finally I found the last seat on a flight arriving in Vegas at 6.30pm FRIDAY.

Is there a special award for endurance or determination to get to BBB, I’m now wondering?
I can’t win an award by entering the slow drag race because my VW “The YesWeCan CamperVan” is home in the garage, but you can watch our race last Spring at the OEBC drag race over in the column to the right under YouTube videos.

Though I’ll miss the Thursday night party and Friday all day, I do have all day Saturday and Sunday morning to enjoy my first BBB VW meeting, one of the largest in America, with over 300 VWs and around 1000 owners and their families. That’s a big VW family!

As for the Bridge of Buses by Bridge, it is the actual LONDON Bridge from my home city in England. I did pass by it last summer on my way to Massachusetts and I was actually impressed. When I was a child it had seemed a rather comical idea for us to sell a bridge that was falling down to a businessman in America for him to then put it in the middle of the desert in Arizona, but somehow it works!  Maybe the old bridge deserves an award for endurance …. “survived the Brits, now standing proud in America, overlooking not the muddy Thames, but enjoying overseeing beautiful Lake Havasu”.

The London Bridge I remembered as a kid

Lake Havasu and the Colorado River

N.B. these two images of London Bridge and Lake Havasu are taken from, under the Creative Commons License.

Understanding ourselves and our world

One reason for taking a journey across country with a flexible timeframe and route (as this road trip of ours is turning out to be) is to discover a new perspective. In my case, I wanted the time and space in which to make some new observations on the world around us and how we behave as human beings, either in community or alone.

Eight days ago, my post here on this blog was very brief. It was a quote from Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris, sent to me by my friend and fellow learning coach Isabel Rimanoczy. Since then I have had the pleasure of watching Elisabet on youtube and listening to her enlightened views on human kind. If you would like to expand your thinking and experience a new view of the world, here’s an introduction to Elisabet Sahtouris. Here in “After Darwin” she talks about reuniting spirituality with science in a new world view. If you enjoy this, look in our youtube channel for others by Elisabet Sahtouris, under our favorites.

Who is out there and who is with us?

Just added two new links on this page (see right column ‘blogroll‘ for other sites we like), one of which is a Facebook Camping group. On that group we just posted a note to invite others to join us on this blog and on our Van Facebook Page. This is part of our ongoing work – to attempt to attract others to join us on this journey – and to try different approaches to see what works in this world of social networking. Carole is adding to her skills with all this blogging, Facebooking and youtubing and she’s hoping to get some freelance work helping small businesses to do the same. At least that’ll be one way to pay for the cost of this roadtrip, eh?

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Having taken three months so far and spent lots of money on gas for our 2000 miles, we may need some sponsorship to complete our journey. If we manage to attract any sponsors, they will probably ask how many subscribers we have. Please rest assured we will keep private your email address at all times and only tell others the numbers. By subscribing, you will receive an email when we add a new post, and you will not receive any spam.

Increasing our number of subscribers also gives us feedback that maybe what we are writing is of some interest, after all. Of course, you can add comments whenever you like, to any post here, which lets us know you are out there and with us. THANK YOU.

No more memory

Yikes – I’ve managed to fill up the hard drive on my new Apple laptop with photos and videos already so I cannot download new ones from my camera. Please be patient as I get some extra storage space for photos and I will add some lovely pics I took today of pelicans and other bird life on a beach just outside Santa Barbara taken soon after sunrise.

The Oscars tonight or our youtube channel?

The Oscars are on TV tonight, so the question is would you prefer to watch the awards or our YesWeCan CamperVan roadtrip videos?

Our drive over the Golden Gate bridge is proving to be a classic! It’s on our youtube channel ( with seven other videos that we have uploaded so far. A few of you have already commented on this latest one saying it gives a good impression of how big the Golden Gate Bridge really is. “It’s massive” was one comment. Just like the state of California then, which is also massive … over 1000 miles from one end to the other and big enough to fit the whole of the UK inside its borders.

Is it any surprise then that we are still here in California?

Going back to the topic of the Oscars tonight: we only just thought about the fact we should have made it the extra 200 miles south down to LA so we could have seen the red carpet in real life and real time (dumb or what!). We’re sure that The YesWeCan CamperVan is good looking enough to have won some great publicity. What do you think?

And while we’re on the topic of feedback, when you watch our youtube vids, can you please rate or make a comment about them on the youtube page? Thanks.

SAD DAY for the world

It’s a sad day today, as our home state of Massachusetts, sees the senate seat that was held for nearly half a century by Edward Kennedy, taken over by a Republican who apparently has some inhumane sounding beliefs, according to today’s New York Times article entitled G.O.P. Senate Victory Stuns Democrats ….

…. Scott Brown supports waterboarding as an interrogation technique for terrorism suspects, opposes a federal cap-and-trade program to reduce carbon emissions and opposes a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants unless they leave the country. It was a sharp swing of the pendulum, but even Democratic voters said they wanted the Obama administration to change direction……

And he opposes the Health Bill, of course!

To make matters worse, the new senator shares my family name (Carole “the Van driver” Brown – aargh!!!).