What’s possible – another CamperVan

GREAT STORY FROM AMERICAN STATESMAN …… there’s some hope that we may be able to convert our bus engine …

Reproduced from http://galleries.statesman.com/gallery/weaver-bus-011110/54211/#54224
copyright Ralph Barrera/AMERICAN-STATESMAN

Dave Weaver and a friend decided to retrofit an old school bus and converted VW Van into their personal traveling RV as they criss-crossed America from their home in Washington state to their final destination of Austin, TX. after college graduation. Weaver converted the engine to run on vegetable oil and talked a friend into parking the bus in his backyard so he could reduce his carbon footprint and live in the vehicle. The bus comes complete with a sun deck and privacy fence.


A cutout hole in the roof of the bus allows entry into the VW van for another bedroom.


Carole wishes we could find a way to convert the VW Van’s engine to take biofuel or some kind of other eco-brew …

Found in California - one of Carole's favorite fuels - not while driving of course!

Please send us your ideas or tell us about any VW engine conversions that you know about. THANK YOU!