A reminder to WRITE

Today I had a trip down memory lane, reading a post I’d written during the two week drive from California to Massachusetts over two years ago.

Reading Day 3 ‘Road to MA’ (Sun 20 June 2010) Bakersfield > Needles, CA and re-living the adventure was wonderful. But it also reminded me that I’d only gotten as far as writing about Day 4 on the Road to MA before the driving had taken over.

I keep thinking that one day I’ll have the time to catch up and complete the stories of those days on the road. I am also reminded of the book of the journey that others have asked me to write. But I’ll never find the time, I know that. I must make the time if I really intend to write a book.

Therefore, may I ask you a question or two?

  • would you really read a book about the cross country road trips mentioned in the posts on this blog?

  • if yes, what kind of a book would you like: a coffee table one with lots of photos or a paperback containing some photos in the centrefold?

Some of the photos originally posted on facebook with the Day 3 story are shown below. I’m hoping you can answer the two questions above and give me some feedback. Also please can you let me know if you like any of these photographs enough to see them in a book?

Thank you …

Day 3 ‘Road to MA’ (Sun 20 June 2010) Bakersfield > Needles, CA

as I leave Bakersfield this sign was way too tempting a poster not to photograph

Just imagine over 3 million square miles!!!!

So out I go, south east of Bakersfield, towards Barstow …

and then up over the hills ….

and into Tehachapi for a quick ice-cream stop …

where I see trains, in the town and outside, where carriages are
stationery and look abandoned …

 Time to get back on the road again and out into the desert …

I continue towards Barstow. After a brief stop to cool down, I carry on
into the desert and many miles later, I find this poor little ‘ghost’ town

and ask at the Desert Market in Daggett, if I’m on
the right road to find the Bagdad Cafe (named after the movie)

All I could see was the little market (store) and no sign of any habitation in any of the other buildings! But I am on the right road and to my surprise the railway line beside me is still operable; here’s a running train!!!

Finally I come to the Bagdad Cafe, just in time as the sun sets 

As I go inside, I can see other famous people have been here before me 🙂

I didn’t know we’d be on Route 66 – what a bonus that is!

Back into The YesWeCan CamperVan, even though it’s pretty dark now ..

and shortly after I leave the Bagdad Cafe, I see another train (yippee).
I follow it east into the desert for as long as I can …
listening to the clackety clack of the wheels (listen here)

… and finally when I look down and see the gas tank on empty, I stop.

For a full account of the day, read the original post at this link to
Day 3 ‘Road to MA’ (Sun 20 June) Bakersfield > Needles, CA

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A classic favourite

I like this Karmann Ghia that came to visit me this past weekend. In fact a whole crew came to my London neighbourhood, the Isle of Dogs.  All drove classic VW buses, except this brave soul who drove a convertible. After the rainy summer we’ve had it was a miracle it stayed fine for us to photograph these wonderful classic vehicles!

VW Karmann Ghia pictured on the Isle of Dogs, east London. Across the Thames sits the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich. Copyright 2012 ButlerBrownMedia

More photos can be seen at the event on our sister site at http://vw4causes.org/2012/10/21/iod-photoshoot/

Isle of Dogs Event – 20th Oct 2012

Be the first to spot our Green Split Window bus  (ABW xxxL) around Canary Wharf and Island Gardens, London E14 midday-ish today (Saturday 20 October 2012) and then tweet our full number plate and post a photo on our Facebook page to win a car sticker of ‘The YesWeCan CamperVan no.1

Bumper sticker

If you tell us what MG stands for, we’ll enter you for a bumper prize !!! 🙂