A heartflet PLEA for MG

Hello everyone. I slept last night in WalMart in Redlands, CA

The YesWeCan CamperVan parked overnight in WalMart, Redlands, CA, USA overnight Monday 5 March 2012

and somehow today has started very emotionally. I have been in tears this morning, because I want to do so much for patients with MG but sometimes I get overwhelmed with wanting to do so much and having just me to do it. I know you all have your own priorities and challenges, but today I really need your support.

Sunday I had the idea to plan a fun drive for MG Awareness in this area of CA from Orange County to San Bernadino county but right now I am feeling it’s all a pipe dream as there are a few more pressing issues that are getting me down today. I need a few things to happen first and foremost and maybe you can spread the word in your circles to get the word out about my MG awareness campaign (http://vw4causes.org/mg-awareness/) and read the web pages yourself to see why the patients need our support.

It’s not just the patients who feel forgotten and uncared for, it’s all those poor people (babies, children and adults) with symptoms who are being missed or mis-diagnosed whose bodies are being attacked by their overactive immune system. The longer they take to diagnosis the more likely they are to get so much worse and have treatment be less effective. There is so much work I want to do. And I implore you to read the Vehicles Working for Causes website to inform yourself.

Then we come down to the nitty gritty of what’s holding me back from campaigning more right now. Way back in December in Houston, TX, I spent $200 of my own money on stickers to sell to raise gas money for this trip. I have sold only a handful. I have sold less than a dozen T shirts. Not only do I need $ but I need some space to sleep in my VW without boxes & T shirts and heavy things to move around. My back is hurting again and my arthritic knees are throbbing.  Please visit http://vw4causes.org/support/items-for-sale/ and see if you can help by purchasing some stickers or a small item to help with the gas  money. Out here in CA it’s almost $4.50 per gallon. Also please ask your friends to look around the website to see why MG awareness is so very important.



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