Route plans updated 22 December 2011

Latest information just posted on the Route page at

Scroll down to end of page to see updates.
Sorry to be so brief but need to get back on the road after delays due to Tuesday’s breakdown. Hoping to make it to El Paso today 🙂

Early morning outside motel in Fort Stockton, Texas


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  1. Carole: Hope the radiator belt or whatever belt that was broken has been repaired. It seems where you broke down was very far away from a resource VW group of friends or merely a supply store to purchase on your own! You mentioned hoping to get to El Paso. Hope weather is cooperative and that your latest news is from that city. Very cold windy weather has settled here in Cape Cod for the past couple of days. Enjoyed the holidays with kids in RI, mostly Newport, with Xmas Eve at David/Lau in W. Kingston. Loren Kate is here from Pasadena and husband John is with his family in Philly where he grew up, so he is also visiting with good friends since their new home is far west in Pasadena.
    Miss you Carole and my heart and thoughts are with you from afar. Best of miles and keep the spirit!

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