A few additions

We’ve driven over 3,000 miles now on our MG Awareness drive. See the Route page for updated map of our present location, close to Austin, Texas


4 Responses

  1. Dex & Carole, I LOVE the newest addition! Does it have a name yet, it’s a beauty….Wishing you safe travels on your next leg…

    • Ha, ha, I wish ….. it was me (Carole) being playful. The caravan as we Brits call it (trailer here in the USA) was being stored and was not for sale. But even if it had been, I don’t have the funds and my poor VW bus does not have the strength not until I get the engine rebuilt.

  2. Wow! That trailer is amazing! You’re bus must have some gusto to be able to pull the additional weight! Awesome!

  3. Ho, ho, ho …. was being naughty! The photo of the lovely aluminum trailer was a joke, though Carole did turn around on the highway and drive back to look at this one and several others. She spent ages trying to work out how to borrow money to purchase it, a powerful truck and a big flat bed to haul both the trailer and The YesWeCan CamperVan on the rest of her drive west!

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