Christmas Wish

From ‘The YesWeCan CamperVan’

“I’m a VW bus parked in El Paso snow
Wondering how my friends are growing so slow,
We wanna reach one thousand by Christmas day
But at this slow rate we’re never gonna pay
The bonus we said we’d give to the best
… Who brought us ten friends and beat the rest,
So get going now and drum up some support
To help MG patients and be a good sport,
For this is the season for bringing good cheer
And not just for eating and drinking great beer!”

From Carole Brown
Friends, would you please help my VW: just post this link on your Wall and then tell your friends that going to his page and ‘liking’ him will be the best Christmas Gift of all!
The link is …





Route plans updated 22 December 2011

Latest information just posted on the Route page at

Scroll down to end of page to see updates.
Sorry to be so brief but need to get back on the road after delays due to Tuesday’s breakdown. Hoping to make it to El Paso today 🙂

Early morning outside motel in Fort Stockton, Texas

A few additions

We’ve driven over 3,000 miles now on our MG Awareness drive. See the Route page for updated map of our present location, close to Austin, Texas

Route update as of 10 Dec 2011

At last I put up a hand made route map in the back window of  The YesWeCan CamperVan – I mean I got a map and drew the route on it! I’ve been looking for one of those that I’ve seen on RVs, you know the vinyl maps of the USA with little stickers for the different states you’ve been through? I spotted one yesterday but I stopped myself from sliding it off the RV ….. !!!!

I’ve asked every time I’ve filled up with gas (and that’s been a lot of times in the almost 2500 miles I’ve clocked up since leaving Cape Cod, MA) ….. but no-one has had one or knows what I am talking about.

If any of you readers can direct me to a place to get one, just let me know by posting a message here, where you’ll be able to check the route I am following and tell me if any stores that sell these are nearby. Right now I am posting from near Mobile AL. Tomorrow I hope to be on my way to New Orleans, LA.

In any case, I wanted to show how many miles I’ve driven and my route ahead, because I realized that my sign shows I am driving for MG Awareness, but gives no idea of how many miles I am driving.

So here’s what my back window now looks like …

for a cleareer view of the route and for updates see

… the line shows where I’ve been and the circles ahead show where I am going. Almost 2,500 miles so far as I said already!  And various breakdowns, too!!!!

Please spread the word to help us in this mission to raise awareness for MG, a little known auto-immune disease, by sharing these links to:


and PLEASE make a comment below if you read this 🙂

Facebook updates

Later we’ll be updating the Thanks page at ‘Vehicles Working 4 Causes‘…………….. but before taking time to do that, here’s a quick update from Facebook for those of you who do not see posts there.

Yesterday, Laura Anne posted this photo she took of our two VW buses side by side, when we visited her early last week in her home town.

Lenny and Dexter (aka The YesWeCan CamperVan) in Aiken, South Carolina, on Monday 28 November, 2011

And then just a few minutes ago, The YesWeCan CamperVan posted this on his Facebook page  …

How am I going to reach 1000 Facebook friends to help me spread the word and PUT ‘MG’ ON THE MAP?

Let us know if you have any ideas by commenting in the reply box below.