Driving in Georgia

Yesterday’s drive was a difficult one (click on map shown below to see A>B) because of head on winds, rain and crazy truck drivers. In fact we’ve had a couple of drives this trip where the wind has been bashing us about, but these VWs are built of strong stuff!

I even had to slow down last night when the clock kept hitting over 65mph. For the non-Vdubbers reading this, that’s not because I was breaking the speed limit, it’s because my 1971 engine is not built to go much over 60mph for extended periods.

Anyway, we had a lovely rest last night in a little town south of Atlanta with a new MG friend who kindly offered to host us.

And soon we’ll be heading off to meet some Full Moon Bus Club guys about an hour east.  Looks like this afternoon’s drive will be much easier from Peachtree City (B) to Locust Grove (C) though we might have snow!!! What’s happening here guys, do you think just ’cause we’re from Massachusetts (me) and Oregon (VW bus) that we are missing cold weather?


4 Responses

  1. Glad you are remaining safe and your journey continues! These VWs certainly are build strong (if not fast… happy to hear you are keeping it under 65mpg. :-(D)

  2. I can’t comment on the engine you have in it now, but when your bus left the factory it most definitely had an engine that was built to go over 60 mph for extended periods:

    Dubiously motivated acceptance of less-than-factory performance from our vendors and rebuilders has been the major factor killing these beautiful vehicles for at least the last thirty years. Please don’t perpetuate the myth.


  3. That’s great to hear, thank you. Wish I knew your name to thank you properly, though.
    from Carole Brown

  4. very interesting stuff..Wish you luck !!

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