New blog

There have been lots of mentions of MG on this blog for almost a year now, whereas you may have joined initially to read and talk about buses or touring or camping.

So it seemed a good idea to start a new blog specifically to focus on the MG aspects of my upcoming “MG Awareness” drive across country. You’ll find it on a new website ‘Vehicles Working for Causes’ at

And this “YesWeCanJourney” blog will go back to being more about the drive in an old … sorry Classic … Volkswagen bus …. and the resultant fun and challenges of such an adventure!

Is this a good idea, I wonder? It’ll be twice as much work for me, but will it work better for you? Please would you take a moment to add your comments below. Thank you 🙂


One Response

  1. I think it would be best not to double your work load. Maybe there is a way the MG information can be worked into the title of your blog or otherwise woven into the current production. Good Luck! Moses

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