Public education and promoting our cause

On Friday, October 14th, I was at the Methodist Church in my hometown of Provincetown, Cape Cod, talking to visitors during Women’s Week about MG (Myasthenia Gravis) and my cross country drive in The YesWeCan CamperVan. 

Then on Saturday, 15th, Marilyn from the Massachusetts chapter of the MG Foundation came down to help me and set up an information table at my local Stop & Shop supermarket in town.

Here you can also see my Hippo ‘MG’ who has the classic droopy eyelids seen in MG … 

We enjoyed many wonderful conversations and heard from visitors about three family members with MG on Cape Cod. That’s an amazingly high incidence of MG and much higher than is normally reported.

Thanks to Stop & Shop for the space and to our local newspaper, the Provincetown Banner, for the write up on MG and for announcing where we’d be located. One man on vacation from Connecticut saw the newspaper story about my Mum having MG for over 50 years and he came along to meet me because his mother has MG, too.

The outcome of the day was that four MG sufferers now know about the MGFA regional chapters and support groups, and hopefully can find support from connecting with others with MG.


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  1. wow carole! i’m glad this was so successful for you! it sounds like you are networking with the right people. maybe this success is a forecast of the success you will have on your trip 🙂

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