Updates and wishes

I’ve been busy so apologize for the absence here. Here’s some things we’ve been doing in preparation for our cross country drive and our awareness campaigns …..

The YesWeCan CamperVan passed its Massachusetts inspection last week and is in fine health. My VW is now sitting outside here on Cape Cod awaiting signage for our trip across country.

I have been working on the wording for the sign including a new web name that is easy to read for passersby and easy to memorize. Along with that goes the design of a new website to feature the mission of our drive and our campaigns for various causes, as distinct from this blog that will refocus on our classic Volkswagen and stories on the road for our original VW enthusiast readers and travel aficionados.

I’ve also been doing some background research into auto-immune diseases and written a couple of press releases and set up a few information events here on Cape Cod to take place before I leave mid October.

Plus I’ve been looking at an alternative route from Massachusetts to Oregon, now that I’m leaving later; one which is further south to increase the chances of better weather and improved visibility of our message. And with that goes making new contacts to see about possible meet ups along the way.

If I could have one wish right now, it would be to find a fellow adventurer who would like to drive with me. Someone who loves taking photos and writing, is laid back, okay with last minute changes due to unseen opportunities and who has an innate curiosity and joy of life. Not asking for much! Oh and did I mention who has the money to travel for a couple of months?


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  1. Great to hear you’ve got some stuff going for you in Cape Cod! I hope you find a buddy to tag along as your photographer. I wish I weren’t in the middle of a school semester 🙂

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