Ten years on …

Ten years since September 11th, 2001. When it happened many of us thought it would change our lives forever, help us to remember what is most important in life and treat each other far better as a result, didn’t we?

taken by Carole Brown, Easter 2011

How odd then that during the last decade here in the west, the news has been filled with stories in which greed has prevailed or stories of how very poor we are these days now they we don’t have such big earnings or big homes or the material riches we once had. Stories of con tricks by certain people or certain corporations, criticism of governments and civil unrest, and news of more wars and killings fill the media.

Maybe it’s time to stop today on this tenth anniversary of September 11th and reflect on the best things that have happened in the last ten years and anything we did that brought love and hope into the world.

Please add your reflections and make a comment below to bring some light into this world. Thank you.

taken by Carole Brown, Christmas Day 2010



One Response

  1. Thanks Carole, SO much to think about. Indeed I think the best things that have happened in the past decade is a great question to focus on. We’ve seen human compassion at work – people helping people and people showing love. We’ve built homes for needed, extended a hand to work towards peace and so much more.

    And what you are doing is to help those with MG, never doubt your ability to rise to the occasion and make a workable plan succeed. Just keep refining your plans to minimize your stress and optimize the chance to achieve your goals.

    Peace & Love, Moses

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