Could this be our route for “MG Awareness” road trip?

CLICK HERE for larger map

I guessed that if I did a zigzag route it would be about 6000 miles to Portland, and this shows around 6200 (and there’s more places to add in California yet).

This is the first draft of my route, so there’s time to ask us to call into see you. And/or if you are close to any of these cities or anywhere close to the route and you would be happy to see me and The YesWeCan CamperVan, please comment below so I know!!
Thank you and Cheers!


4 Responses

  1. Looks like a winner to me! What are the dates?

  2. I LOVE this!!! When will you be in Michigan? I’m in Southwest MIchigan….would LOVE to see you! I would REALLY love to know when, and I could call our local news and get the word out! This is FANTASTIC!!!

  3. Kerri, I will make sure we meet. I have read and love your blog … and your little logo face next to your comment, too. You have brightened my day – Thanks!!!!

  4. Thank you Chris at PendletonProperties for your ‘like’

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