Possible sponsor for our road trip across America this fall??

What do you think …. Would the bright orange VW buses seen in the fun video below, look good as a logo on the side of The YesWeCan CamperVan?

I think they’d look great and I love cheddar cheese, too! Tillamook is the nearest I can find to my favorite English mature cheddar.

So if you like Tillamook Cheese AND you’d like to support our road trip for MG awareness, make a comment on my VW’s Facebook page about how great their cheese is and about The YesWeCan CamperVan‘s drive to put MG on the map. We would love a sponsor whose business we love!

Example comment 1:
Hi, have you heard about the 1971 VW, @The YesWeCan CamperVan, driving from Cape Cod on the east coast, all the way to Oregon to taste your cheeses? Their road trip is for an important Cause:  https://yeswecanjourney.wordpress.com

Example comment 2:
Just imagine, you could be one of their sponsors … and your bright orange VW bus and cheese bar logos would look sooooo good on the side of their cream and gold 1971 bus!!! 

Facebook fan photo of Tillamook baby VW bus, by Mignonne Gardner

Tillamook's tasty natural products include cheeses and ice creams!

We’re driving across America for ‘MG Awareness’ and we need a sponsor, one just like Tillamook, whose business we admire!

Carole and her 1971 VW bus "The YesWeCan CamperVan', which she bought in Oregon, seen here in Cape Cod


19 Responses

  1. What a great sponsor! I mean who doesn’t love cheese and what a great way for them to get their name on the road for a great cause!

  2. Got to love those mini-buses! It would be wonderful to have them as a sponsor for MG awareness!!

  3. As we say at Planetpals.com Healthy Planet healthy People…and what is more healthy than cheese! A perfect match I’d say.

  4. Tillamook logo on the YesWeCan CamperVan? I think it would make quite the photo – just say cheese!

  5. Tillamook cheese is the best and the Loaf Bus is the cutest! — A great combo for a cross-country sponsorship!

  6. Gotta love Tillamook cheese and The YesWeCan CamperVan! Just imagine if they joined forces to help spread the word about MG (Myasthenia Gravis)… One word sums it up. Epic!

  7. Great idea raising awareness for MG, my gran had MG from a young age. Also what an opportunity for a company to promote themselves as well. i really hope the trip across america takes place!

  8. Tillamook cheese has always been my favorite brand of cheese. I’m super excited to see where this journey will take the YesWeCan van!!

  9. What a great way to raise awaremess for MG and for Tillamook to show support. I hope they will give this a chance to roll…

  10. As a long time MG patient I applaud your ito raise awareness for this rare and mostly unknown condition. I would think that because Tilamook a class act that their endoresment would benefit both Myasthenia Gravis awareness and would help promote themselves as being a caring company who is dedicated to their customers and the public.

  11. Please give your support to Carole on this wonderful endeavor! I recently lost my mother’s cousin due to MG, and more awareness needs to be raised for this lesser-known debilitating disease.

  12. Good Luck Carole from the Stirling Giannandrea’s!

  13. Will be awesome to get a sponser like the Tillamook corp. Carole and the Yes We Can Van are going to be outstanding publicity for MG awareness.

  14. Good Luck Carole. I hope things come through for you. People need to know more about this condition, and how to treat it. A big issue I am dealing with now is how they are dealing with my care. I went to a new doctor who is supposed to be the best in MG and I ended in tears and yelling. This doctor basically told me I was pretty normal based on how he tested me. That is the problem. How they test is not accurate. They have several ways, but a common way is when they use this devise to push on your body parts. Yes, I will admit I am strong enough to hold 50 lbs for 1 second when he pushed down and pulled up, but anyone who has MG knows that the downfall is repetition. I am only 26 and can not hold my hands above my head long enough to put my hair in a ponytail. I have to rest in-between. I also have to rest my arm on my bed when I am curling my hair. When I chew a cereal that requires a lot of chewing my mouth just stops working. My arm will give out. I don’t know how this is normal. The doctor would put the equipment on my arm and push down and not get a good reading and would say “oh come on I know you can do better”. Just because I am only 26 does not mean I am strong so no I can’t do better, what it reads is right. He also made me hold my arms up and they would fall and he would say “no no come on put them back up there” so I would for another 30 seconds. He did this several times before I finally got mad and said look It’s impossible I can’t hold my arms up. The moment they started to slowly go down is where the clock should have stopped. Please I am not strong and I know this. We need better equipment so the doctors understand this.

    • Krystal,
      I am so sorry and I do understand. I never knew my mother without her MG. I saw my mother sick with MG for 41 years of my life until she passed away. I’m 56 now and finally ready to shout about this disease from the rooftops!!!
      I hope we get the chance to meet and I get the chance to spread the message about MG far and wide on this planned road trip for later in 2011.
      Best wishes, Carole

  15. Cool idea! I like cheese, have to look around the local markets to get some Tillamook. Maybe Whole Foods? That banner will be nice on your bus. Haven’t found that brand yet; will check in Anchorage, Alaska later next week.

    • Hi Tom, Nice to hear from you. I thought you lived in Florida with your wonderful VW bus. Is Anchorage a vacation trip? Look out for Tillamook there; I know it’s on the west coast and Tillamook’s distribution is mostly on that side of the country but Alaska is a long way up there from Oregon isn’t it? Let us know if you find any. It is worth searching for.
      Cheers from Cape Cod, Carole

  16. Carole you are doing a lovely thing to make so many people aware of mg. I’m sure mum would be very proud of you as me, kay, hollie and george are . love you and see you some time, your bruv Michael.

  17. One of your ads said the magic words for me: cheese and ice cream. I’m ALL for it!! And what a cute little orange van! Raise Awareness for MG!! Whoo-Hoo!!!!

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