Midwest responsiveness

I’m trying to work out my itinerary for the trip from Massachusetts to the west coast. So far I’m not even sure about the route, since it depends on which VW clubs I can get most support from for the MG Awareness campaign.

Interestingly the most responsive MG charity in the nation has been the Kansas City, Missouri, based MG Association and the most responsive VW Club, is one called the Mo-Kan VW Club, which stands for Missouri-Kansas.

Also interesting, is that if I were to head from my base in Massachusetts to San Diego, California (for example), Kansas City just happens to be almost exactly half way as you can see here …

Possible route from Cape Cod, MA, to San Diego, CA passing through Kansas City, MO

Now is this just a coincidence or is some higher power operating here?

What do you think?


Possible sponsor for our road trip across America this fall??

What do you think …. Would the bright orange VW buses seen in the fun video below, look good as a logo on the side of The YesWeCan CamperVan?

I think they’d look great and I love cheddar cheese, too! Tillamook is the nearest I can find to my favorite English mature cheddar.

So if you like Tillamook Cheese AND you’d like to support our road trip for MG awareness, make a comment on my VW’s Facebook page about how great their cheese is and about The YesWeCan CamperVan‘s drive to put MG on the map. We would love a sponsor whose business we love!

Example comment 1:
Hi, have you heard about the 1971 VW, @The YesWeCan CamperVan, driving from Cape Cod on the east coast, all the way to Oregon to taste your cheeses? Their road trip is for an important Cause:  https://yeswecanjourney.wordpress.com

Example comment 2:
Just imagine, you could be one of their sponsors … and your bright orange VW bus and cheese bar logos would look sooooo good on the side of their cream and gold 1971 bus!!! 

Facebook fan photo of Tillamook baby VW bus, by Mignonne Gardner

Tillamook's tasty natural products include cheeses and ice creams!

We’re driving across America for ‘MG Awareness’ and we need a sponsor, one just like Tillamook, whose business we admire!

Carole and her 1971 VW bus "The YesWeCan CamperVan', which she bought in Oregon, seen here in Cape Cod

For VW lovers everywhere

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