IDEAS to get attention for our Cause “MG awareness”

Thanks to Moses’s suggestions in the comment section of our post ‘Summer for a Cause – in Provincetown, Cape Cod, the ideas on how to promote our cause while we’re on Cape Cod this summer are beginning to flow.

But ideas are only as good as the way they are received, aren’t they?

We’re also thinking about how to gain support for our Drive across Americawhich will start in late Fall this year. We need your help on how to attract attention to this very important cause, too. So far we’ve come up with a T Shirt ‘draft’ for testing and the feedback has led to more ideas. Now we need YOUR VOTE!

will you join us on the road and help put MG on the map?

MG = Myasthenia Gravis; spread the word

Would you kindly help us find out which of the ideas we’ve had so far are most popular, by casting your vote?

To do this, click on the blue link below to view our Poll and then select your favorite ideas from those shown. Only vote for those that you like. 

AND if you have any ideas that are not listed, there’s a space to add them at the end of the Poll, or you can add them in the comment box at the very end of this post.
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Which ideas are best for promoting our drive to put MG on the map? Choose as many as you like


Summer for a Cause – in Provincetown, Cape Cod

My headline reads “it’s the year to put MG on the map” and June, which is MG awareness month, is approaching very fast.

Now that I’ll be spending the summer in Provincetown, Massachusetts, I’m wondering if I can get permission from the town to park The YesWeCan CamperVan in a place where all the tourists can see us and promote our cause?

It would be great to brainstorm ideas here on how to get the public’s attention for a disease most have never heard of. Can you please comment below with your thoughts and suggestions?
Also add slogan ideas?


For example, maybe we can sell window stickers saying something like:

  1. join the drive for MG
  2. put MG on the map
Or bumper stickers, with slogans like:
  1. slow is good – love Vintage VWs and people with MG
  2. support little known causes like MG (Myasthenia Gravis)
  3. my auto is driving to get attention for auto-immune diseases