It’s easy and it’s a nice thing to do

A request to my readers:

In total there are 59 subscribers to this blog and, in the last two months, two new subscribers joined. Yet we can see that there are far more people reading our blog.  It’s heartening to see new people sign up to receive new posts to the blog by email. It’s also very encouraging to receive your comments. Without either of these it’s rather weird writing in the void.
So can I please make a request to those of you who are reading … please would you subscribe, right now?
Doing that may also help to secure sponsors for our roadtrip later in 2011 (‘Roadtrip for a cause’: to increase awareness for the autoimmune neuromuscular disease MG = Myasthenia Gravis)

It’s easy to do:
1.  Enter your email address in the space on the top right.
2. Check your incoming mail for an email from WordPress – our blogging software company.
3. If no email in your inbox, look in your spam folder for a WordPress email.
4. Reply to the WordPress email to confirm your subscription.
5. That’s it.
6. Listen out for my cheer across the miles !!!!!