A special Cause for our New Year

In mid January Carole attended ‘Buses by the Bridge XV’, in Lake Havasu, Arizona. She went all the way there from Massachusetts with a specific purpose in mind: to meet a large number of vintage VWs and their drivers to make her first public announcement about the cross country roadtrip she is planning for later this year ‘Driving to put MG on the map’.

For this 2011 drive from Massachusetts to California, she’ll be on the road, with me ‘The YesWeCan CamperVan’ for a couple of months, covering at least 6,000 miles, to raise awareness for a cause she believes in. The route is not yet planned because she would like to meet as many VW owners and VW clubs across America as possible, so that others can drive with her for a few miles to show support for MG patients and create a bigger ‘buzz’ in local media to promote awareness of this important Cause.

This cause ‘to put MG on the map’ is to raise awareness for a little known autoimmune disease called MG or Myasthenia Gravis. You can find out more about this muscle weakening disease at http://myasthenia.org/WhatisMG.aspx and see what patients are saying at http://www.facebook.com/mgakc

Some have asked …. Why is Carole so keen on supporting this cause?

Because Carole’s mother, Gladys, got this muscle disease when she was only 20 years of age, in 1944, and almost died before she was diagnosed.  And because even today countless others are taking years to get diagnosed and suffering needlessly. So that’s why, with your help, we are working to raise awareness about MG.

The more the public know about it, the more they can ask their doctors about it, the quicker people will get diagnosed and helped.

If Carole’s Mum had not been saved by her diagnosis, Carole would not have been born and be here to celebrate her birthday on Monday 31st. So in celebration of that, Carole’s also made a Birthday Wish on Wishes for Causes.

Maybe that’s also why Carole first announced our big road trip for 2011 at Buses by the Bridge (see our previous post for photos of the Bridge). The bridge, the old London Bridge, has a special meaning for Carole, for she was born at Guy’s Hospital, very close to that bridge when it was still in London, and she took the bus over it many times when visiting the hospital to see her Mum.

Here are ways you can show your support and help our quest ‘to put MG on the map’

  • Subscribe to this website: by adding your email in the top right corner, you’ll get updates on the road trip and with more subscribers we hope to get more sponsors
  • Like the YesWeCan CamperVan‘s page on Facebook

AND add a comment below, if you’d like to:

1.  invite us to stop in and visit with you or your VW club, so you can drive a few miles with us or maybe arrange an event locally

2. spread the word by telling your local radio, TV network or newspaper about us

3. increase our presence on the internet by adding us to your website, or mentioning us on your Facebook and Twitter accounts before we start our drive and/or as we are coming into your area

4. become a business sponsor, so any funds that we raise can go 100% to the Charity for MG, and at the same time publicize your business, on our VW with a sticker, and on our publicity materials

5. send us other ideas to raise awareness

6. show us and the people with MG that you care by commenting below!


P.S. You can also read more at the sources mentioned below; if you do, please come back here and make a comment below or post one at our Facebook page:

–  Carole Brown’s Birthday wish for 31st January

–  Lake Havasu newspaper, the AZ Independent, January 21st issue : full page article about BBB XV on page 21.


10 Responses

  1. Hello friends, Thanks for your messages of support on Facebook. I hope some visitors will tweet or click ‘like’ here, too. I can never tell who is reading my blog except I know it’s hundreds of you. Would be nice to put a name to a few.

  2. Carole will be stopping by for a meet & greet with the Leakoil bus club when she gets to the NE Ohio area. (Date to be determined) Please stop by and join us if you can!

  3. Hello Carole!

    Bravo and much luck on this new journey – a physical as well as spiritual and charitable journey it is! I commend you for your vision and the energy you are putting in to this. May it be a great success. Peace, Love & old vehicles a – rolling! Moses

    • Moses, thank you, I really appreciate your comment. It’s a lot of work writing and taking photos and editing before posting here on my blog and on our page on Facebook. And that’s not taking account of the driving! Right now I am trying to attract more followers to spread the word before we set out, other VW owners to drive with me on sections of the journey, and sponsors to cover the essential costs of gas and oil. Old VWs love oil!!!!

  4. I plan to ride with you Carole when you roll through Aiken South Carolina! I’ll spread the word at TROM. 😀

  5. […] This was previously posted on January 29, 2011 at https://yeswecanjourney.wordpress.com/2011/01/29/a-cause-for-our-new-year […]

  6. So happy to meet you Sunday @ church. Looking forward to hearing from you & getting together soon.

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