The VW community …

is a wonderful example of the goodness in people, as this story tells.

Also a fabulous piece of film-making, isn’t it?

Comments, please …


3 Responses

  1. Wonderful! Simply wonderful. I am amazed at the level of devotion AND expertise these little vans manage to inspire.

  2. I followed along this story since the beginning. Nice to know there are still some good peple left in this world. Doesn’t surprise me they are VW people 😉

    • Hi Robert, Yes, isn’t that uplifting – and that the VW community is such a warm hearted family. It’s so nice to hear from you and that you’ve been following our story since the beginning. It would be really great if you’d add your email to our subscription panel at the top right, because later this year we are coming back across country from MA to CA to raise awareness for a largely unknown autoimmune disease. Here’s hoping that many people will subscribe so we can show potential sponsors we have a following. Hundreds have read our posts but only a few have subscribed. I PROMISE all email info’ will be kept confidential. Hope you join. Look out for the ‘no reply from WordPress’ message that comes to you to complete the subscription.
      Also let us know if we can add your website to our list (which appears in left column) to further your cause.
      Happy Vdubbing!

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