Page Update: TRAVEL TIPS (Nov 2010)

I have just completed an update to the ‘Travel Tips’ Page. To find it click on the tab above and you’ll be taken to a page with information about how we traveled across the USA, and round California for five months, with minimal costs for overnight camping.

I list a few camp sites and many other places we stayed overnight after asking permission. PLEASE ADD YOUR TIPS TO OUR PAGE through the Comments box, which you’ll find at the bottom of every page and every post (this is a post; pages are the ones with tabs along the top). THANK YOU.

You’ll see there is only one hotel listed. We stayed there to recover and relax after a particularly eventful drive* in a terrible storm, where we were perched precipitously on Route 1 south of Monterey, between mud slides on the left and raging seas on the right. It was a nerve racking drive because there is nowhere to turn around on that stretch of 1 south, when you are in a storm and visibility is poor [perhaps I’ll add tips like this to the Travel Tips page later in another update; what do you think?]

* Read about this scary adventure last February, on our earlier post Memories are made of this


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