The VW Family

Look at the tabs above the header and van picture and you will see a new page added today called Family. On it I write:

“This page is a later addition because before owning a VW and making this road trip, I would never have known the beauty and wonderment of the VW camper family. I include in the word family all those people with and without VW campers who love these magical vehicles.

And I use the word family because everyone I met shared the same values of simplicity, generosity, humor and respect for each other and our earth …. read all and see more photos here >>

I’m hoping this addition will encourage you to comment  ….. and subscribe to this blog, so you can receive automatic updates by email when I make changes.

P.S.  I wrote about Family values in an earlier post here: Family values – VW style

Many more photos taken by Carole Brown are shown on our FAMILY PAGE


8 Responses

  1. I love the idea of a VW Camper van family 😀

  2. Yes it’s really remarkable! I was on the road alone, but not alone.

  3. Back in the 1980s I bought a BMW 2002, largely because I wanted to be a part of a “family” that I saw communicating amongst themselves on the highways everywhere. There were so few and the grill was so distinctive that you could spot another owner approaching you far off in the distance and flash your high beams as you got close. Drivers seeing another 2002 coming up behind them would wave as they got close if the weather was nice, but both would wave at each other as one passed the other even if the windows were closed. It was quite an exclusive club. I didn’t last long in it, as the car was stolen the first month I had it, but for one long trip from Houston (we bought it in Germany and had it shipped) to New York we took great pride of membership.

    Do VW camper van owners recognize each other as you pass?

    • Hi Stephen, What a lovely story but sad that your pride and joy was taken so soon.

      VW owners wave at each other all the time, that is if we are not too busy avoiding other faster drivers who sometimes cut us up.
      In California there are many VWs and with all the clubs and special events, you often find they travel in caravans. There’s a classic photo of a group of us leaving our campsite early morning to go to the biggest CA event of the year this past June. I’ll find it and post on the Van’s Facebook page.
      Since being back in MA these past 4 months, I’ve seen only four other VW buses or vans: the first soon after I entered our state for the first time was such a surprise I barely had time to wave (but I caught it on my camera); the 2nd was somewhere on 495 on the way to Cape Cod, broken down on the side of the road in the dark and rain, so I saw it last minute; number 3 was the psychadelic one seen in Wellfleet on Cape Cod and posted on our Van’s Facebook page; and the 4th took my breath away – a gorgeous blue and white split screen one on its way to Provincetown when I was going up to the bridge. I waved but I was driving my Volvo so the VW driver must have wondered why I was waving like a loonie.

  4. That made me go all tingly inside ! You’re right and I never thought of it like that. We are a family and it’s a family WE chose. You don’t usually get the choice of family but in the aircooled family , we do!

  5. Being part of the “family” is great! I was stranded in Little Rock Arkansas and one VW driver offered to bring me his extra alternator if I needed it! Everywhere we go there are VW family members willing to help with parts, tools, and even a place to stay! Its a great feeling to have when you are on the road for the first time in a 30+ year old vehicle. 😀 I will never regret buying my first VW!

    ~Loving the Blog, found you on the VW Camper Family site.

    Laura Anne

  6. Hi Laura,
    It’s so great isn’t it! I am so pleased you are finding many friends on your journey across country.
    I was on my ‘maiden voyage’ with my 39 year old VW immediately after collection from the dealer. I didn’t know about the VW Camper Family website and community then, however people everywhere make friends with these vintage VWs. It’s a magical experience.
    Buying my 1971 VW Westy was the best investment I’ve ever made. And the ROI is measured by the number of smiles it gives to others and me!

  7. It’s not about the miles per gallon, it’s about the smiles per gallon, whether it’s your smile because of the vw that you are driving, or the smiles that come from others as you drive by. My vintage vw’s always get a “look back at” by me, when I get out and walk away at a store.

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