Fall Finon Fest 2010

Carole (who I met through a group called vwcamperfamily) asked me to contribute a post from my own blog (www.jennandromy.com) about what is becoming an annual tradition for the vwcamperfamily – the Fall Finon Fest! Joe, one of our own who is a founding father sort of guy, first started the camp out three years ago. Only a few buses showed up then. Now in its third year, we had a whole group of great people to share good times with! If you find yourself in the gold country of California in September, come on by and join the fun!
Its already the third year that the Fall Finnon Fest has been going on! And its kind of exciting to know that we’ve been to every single one, since the beginning when we first moved to California! I don’t really have much to say about the camp out, except the usual. It was fun and we can’t wait until the next one! We love seeing new VW busers at these events. Here are some pictures to enjoy:

Fall Finnon Fest 2010
Brian’s bus and his bike that he attached an engine to! Really epic!

Fall Finnon Fest 2010
Carl’s adventure wagon with the hatch popped open. Will he end up selling it or not?

Fall Finnon Fest 2010
Somebody drove up Saturday evening in this Ghia. Not sure who it was, but I got this close up of the front lights.

Fall Finnon Fest 2010
Not sure who’s bus this is, but I’ve seen it before. I appreciate the tarp awning!

Fall Finnon Fest 2010
Peter’s red bus and Brett’s big blue.

Fall Finnon Fest 2010
John’s Dormmobile. Very unique – it was imported from the U.K., I think.

Fall Finnon Fest 2010
The hang out spot was by Shelby and Blake’s Westy vanagon.

Fall Finnon Fest 2010
Saving the best for last! Our bus with Romy cooking breakfast and brewing some coffee on Sunday morning.


2 Responses

  1. Jen, Great post thank you.
    Isn’t it amazing that VWs are imported and end up in so many different places? On our Facebook page (http://on.fb.me/dQCi5i) we have friends now from 20 countries who are driving old VWs. You mention one from the UK here in California. As a Brit, that amazes me since California ones are the favored ones due to lack of rust.
    Yours has one of those wonderful central pop tops – what do you call that type?
    Cheers, Carole

  2. Its a Riviera style conversion by ASI.

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