Day 2 ‘Road to MA’ (Wed 16 June) Burbank>Bakersfield, CA

I sleep well and leave my overnight street parking slot in Burbank by early morning. My first stop is at Castaic for gas and breakfast, and then, when I see Pyramid Lake glistening in the sunlight to my left on route 5, I just have to stop again.

A view of Pyramid Lake from the visitor center

How lucky is this, for I’ve never heard of the Vista del Lago visitor center and its exhibit of the California water project. This is a MUST SEE!

There are so may interesting and informative exhibits here, including a movie that is projected onto a model of the state of California. Some of my favorite displays are ones that show how much water it takes to make certain foods or meals.

If you get the chance go to this visitor center and exhibit, do please go. It is an amazingly creative presentation of California’s water supply. Basically the state is an arid desert, the only water coming from the north. It is piped almost a thousand miles down to LA. How lucky we are to have this water clean and fresh. I take a moment to think of third world countries where people have no water where they live either, the difference being they cannot afford to have it pumped it all.

I can’t help thinking aren’t we the craziest of species to do such a thing? All because California is such a beautiful place to live!

After spending a few hours in the visitor center, I get back on route 5 north and head towards Bakersfield. Coming down the mountains into the flat central valley is incredible. Why had no-one told us how stunning this view would be?

Suddenly everything looks sunburned and bleached and dry! Luckily the temperatures are only in the upper 80s and it is dry heat, so it’s really okay. I’m looking forward to getting my van to the mechanic and seeing friends I met just over a week ago at the weekend campout east of LA. More news tomorrow.

Burbank to Bakersfield, CA = 102 miles

More photos can be found in album on our Facebook page: ‘Photos Day 2 trip to MA’.


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