Day 1 ‘Road to MA’ (Tues 15 June): Oceanside>Burbank, CA

I’m driving down the coast of California heading south to San Diego when I do a reality check!

I decide it’s a priority to head back to Massachusetts, since I need to be there by July 8th for the court hearing to reclaim my home. I leave Oceanside for Bakersfield so that I can take the van to a trusted mechanic who I met at the OCTO VW meeting this past weekend. So I turn around 180 degrees and head north. It’s already early evening, so by the time I reach Burbank in Los Angeles environs, it’s around 11:00PM.
From the highway I spot a nice looking residential area and decide to take a look. A quiet tree lined street, perfect for overnight parking.

Nite, nite, we’ve quite a few miles ahead.

Oceanside to Burbank, CA =  94 miles

Oceanside City Hall

Oceanside City Hall

St. Mary 'Star of the Sea' Catholic Church

St. Mary ‘Star of the Sea’ Catholic Church in Oceanside

Turning around in Oceanside

.. to head back to Massachusetts


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