Into the desert – track the Run for the Wall riders

THANKS FRIENDS for all your good wishes for my drive to the east coast and for all those on the Run for the Wall 2010 ride to Washington DC.

Early today I filmed 500 bikes leaving the departure point in Rancho Cucamonga in California, east of LA. The emotion of this event is so huge that it brought tears to my eyes.

It was the last time I’ll see everyone together in one group for next ten days. There are two groups taking two routes from now on. We’ll meet up again in DC a week Friday , God willing.

Please check out the official website for the central and southern routes and the stops along the way. Apparently people come out to wave and cheer and at some points there are 100s of people on bridges over the highway. Special events are planned by local schools and communities across country to show their respect and appreciation for the servicemen here on this ride and those left behind.

If you are anywhere within driving distance, do please make it to one of the points ‘en route’ and scream and wave at the guys as they go through. It will warm their hearts … and mine. Again you’ll find the routes on

To film the people who turn out along the route, I’m hoping to get permission to drive just behind the pack on one of the days. Right now I’m a good 100 miles behind because of staying to do the filming earlier. As a van or car, one cannot drive with the pack. Imagine hundreds of bikes driving two abreast and close together. The risk is high enough as it is. So us ‘cages’, as we are called, either go behind or in front by a large distance.

Tomorrow I hope to be out in front. That way I’ll be able to film the riders as they arrive at their stopping points and at the end of each day, as we all re-unite.

But that’s tomorrow and it’s feeling a long way ahead; another 260 miles, in fact. For right now, Palm Springs is bl***y hot! I can’t imagine how they are doing out there in the heat. At least I have the van’s roof to protect me from the sun.

Prayers for everyone please.


2 Responses

  1. way to go girl, I wish you the best in your venture to DC. I took the family to DC last summer and it was beautiful. We had a week there, and had a great time. We went into Virginia to Williamsburg and enjoyed every bit of it, what wonderful history to see and to visit. Drive careful my friend and be safe.

  2. Very nice site!

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