Riding across the USA for Memorial time in DC

Remember I told you I was on a journey and was going to allow myself to be led by the powers above?

Every time I have been unsure on this road trip and have not known exactly where I am going next, I am sent a messenger. Yesterday’s messenger came in the guise of a female motor bike rider, who rode into the campsite only minutes before I was due to leave. She caught my eye not only because of her beautiful bike, but because it was striking in a number of ways. I asked if I could take some photographs, and on getting closer, I saw a number of different signs on the Honda.

Only one of the words was familiar to me.  POW…..

but the others were not.

MIA?, I asked …… oh of course, Missing in Action.  Run for the Wall ??

As I was still pondering the possible meaning of ‘Run for the Wall’
I noticed a photo on the windshield of the Honda. Underneath the man in the photo the notes read:

Jerry (Mad Dog) Shriver was reported missing in action in Laos, 24 April 1969. He was then a Master Sargent and a Green Beret. Jerry has never been found.

All of the ‘Run for the Wall’ bikers wear the patch shown above on their leathers, and though it’s very small here on this page, you might be able to see that their motto says “…. we ride for those that cannot.”

RFTW (Run for the Wall http://rftw.org ) is in its 22nd year.

This year, in less than 48 hours from now, hundreds of bikers will leave Rancho Cucamonga, California for Washington DC. They will travel by two different routes for a distance of more than 3000 miles and will meet up in Arlington, Virginia, on 28th May before riding together as one, towards DC in time for Memorial Weekend here in the USA.

I’ve never been a military person, and have often voiced my anti-war views, so I never expected to be writing about anything like this. Yet my heart is touched by people who are riding across country to honor those who were left behind, a long way from home.

Maybe it’s because I’m a long way from home that this cause resonates with me. But maybe it’s not only that. Maybe it’s another 60s/70s thing – the era of VWs and Vietnam. Or maybe my heart’s been touched because we are all connected …. we are all a part of life on this planet we call earth, and at the deepest level we all care for each other very much.


LOOK OUT FOR MORE NEWS about RFTW and the bikers each day this week …..


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