California musings … Part 2

I am struggling with what to write .. or rather how to express my thoughts in a way that others will find palatable.  Since passing the Santa Barbara line, there’s been a palpable change in the way people behave. It’s as if wealth breeds fear and suspicion (for example, since when is taking a photograph of beautiful iron gates a crime?) and it’s as if there is a level of greed and corruption that is acceptable and now taken for granted.

All I can do right now, is to pose some questions that have been going around in my head.

Before I do let me say two things:
First, that I had very high expectations for America before I became a legal resident, and still do.

Second, that I am totally perplexed by the contradictions that I see around me and genuinely want to know your answers to these questions …. or for you to write in and tell me the questions that you find yourself asking right now.

So here are my ‘Questions from a foreigner’:

  • Is money and economic justification the decision point for all debates and reform (e.g current proposed reforms are healthcare/health insurance, immigration, environment) or are moral values still a criterion for decision making in America?
  • What are the key questions and decision points to secure the kind of world that you want for your children and your grandchildren?
  • How do you see America’s role in a global world?
  • and the following questions are related to present issues here in California (yet are pertinent to the whole USA) AND are less neutral and far more personal *:

  • Many rich Californians hire illegal immigrants to work around their home. Are you OK with this or would you prefer them to hire legal immigrants or out of work Americans?
  • If you are opposed to the Arizona ruling (to enable the police to stop and inspect people’s papers in an attempt to catch illegal aliens) and you are not in agreement with changing the immigration rules, are you okay with illegal immigrants and their employers breaking the law of the land? And if not, what change would you propose?
  • * Personal – because it took 12 years of being a legal alien/visitor to the USA (visitor, student visa holder, foreign worker visa) living off my savings – before I gained residency and permission to work.


    One Response

    1. No, I would not hire an illegal. And I ask. You would be surprised how many famous people are nominated for some official post – and fail, because they hired illegals! What was wrong with them?

      My neighbors when I was kid were from Germany and Venezuela, where they had oil interests. They would bring some peasant girl up from Venezuela to be their maid. After she learned English, she would usually split! This pattern repeated for a while, and then they hired Americans to work for them.

      My father wouldn’t hire illegals either. When I was 6, we have a very nice housekeeper from someplace in northern Europe and she wanted my dad to pay her “Under the table” because either she didn’t want to pay taxes, and/or was illegal. My dad said no. I am sure he paid for the couple of days she worked, but he would not continue to hire her illegally and not report her earnings to social security.

      All of the gardeners I’ve hired have been American born with criminal pasts. I ask if they’re legal. One was Hispanic, and the rest were black or white. Usually for alcohol or drugs. But that is because I can’t afford the ones with the ads in the yellow pages. When I hire them, they are clean. Then they disappear. Months later, they re-appear, they’ve been “on vacation” which is San Bernardino speak for incarcerated. What is funny is those of us who haven’t been in jail, call it “jail” and those who have, say incarcerated. Also, they call fights “altercations!”

      The person who got upset at you photographing their gate was over-reacting. But maybe because they were robbed recently. Cameras now are amazing. My cheapie digital can take a photo, and I can take it home and put it up on the computer and I can enlarge it and you would be astonished at the detail I can see.
      If I took that same photo with a Canon Eos with 12 mp, I am sure it would show a lot more. From photos, I could check for surveillance cameras, indications of dogs, guards, easy access to house. But usually houses that have the big gates have something that blocks your view of the house and the property as a whole.

      But I believe thieves go for homes who don’t have big fancy gates, because they know there will be less security. A couple of decades ago, a group of Mexicans conducted a string of successful robberies in the Bel Air, Brentwood area near Hollywood. What they would do is come, unload their gear, and trim everything in sight and mow the loan. Meanwhile, some were in the house, stripping it of everything of value and bringing it out in the burlap that they used to haul off the grass and branch trimmings. When the police asked the neighbors, people remembered that Mexicans were there and a truck, but the truck would be nondescript. And a unique characteristic of the Aztec people was that they were all about the same height and same facial structure. So when someone said, “Mexican, white t-shirt, dark pants, 5’8″, black hair, brown eyes, dark skin” – that would fit most of the Hispanic population.

      I support Arizona’s law. I believe we should do it here. I believe we should have e-verify made mandatory for every job everywhere and prosecute businesses who hire illegals. What is unique about agriculture is that INS and ICE are forbidden to ask about legal status for anyone working in the fields. Saying they need to have amnesty to keep people working in the fields is not true. Some people start in the fields, but many go to Home Depot and get hired, and many (8 million) are working in construction.

      If you go to rent a video, you are required to show a driver’s license and a credit card. If you are stopped by a cop, you had better have ID, even if you’re walking. So what’s the big deal about asking someone in AZ to produce ID?

      I believe President Obama is not living up to his role as President when he says it would be too hard to round up 12 million people. We have 100,000 troops protecting the Afghan people. How many are on the border, protecting the American people? Not enough!

      It is obvious that Al Quaida is using the internet to attract new jihadists, train them and send them here = where they have no trouble getting in, thanks to Bush’s and Obama’s lax open border policies. It’s stupid and dangerous.

      I hate it when President Obama goes around apologizing to the Middle Eastern potentates. We’re not the ones stoning women to death for adultery. We’re not the ones giving a rape victim 200 lashes for being raped. Her big crime was she met a high school sweetheart in a car – alone – to get back a compromising photo she gave him in high school. Seven men grabbed them, raped both her and her old boy friend and the police caught them all. The rapists were also sentenced to lashes and jail. After a huge international protest, the woman wasn’t whipped and her husband was grateful.

      This is one of the bad parts of Sharia law. In France, many Muslims emigrated there, and they’re trying to use the French legislature to enact Sharia law.

      Here in Dearborn, MI, a church was banned from handing out gospel leaflets outside a Muslim event. They were told they had to stay 5 blocks away. It is against Muslim law for anyone to try to convert them away from Islam.

      I think we should stop letting Muslims come here. That fellow (Shizad ? ) who tried to set the bomb in Times Square had a job, a wife and 2 kids. How crazy is that? The crappy part is that his wife and 2 kids will get supported on our welfare system.

      We have too many liberal judges who enact laws that are not in our best interests. California used to have a law that you could not get welfare until you’d been a resident for a year. Courts struck it down. Now California has a huge welfare budget. In the 60’s, I paid $200 for property taxes in San Bernardino County and my friend in LA county paid $1200 in taxes. At that time, 58% of their budget was for welfare.

      The amount of money America sends overseas is obscene. We have people in America who don’t have enough to eat or good places to live. We have people with no insurance. We should be using more of that money here at home.

      Bush lied to get us into Iraq. Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, but he was their bad guy. He came from a line of ancestors who were highly placed in their culture for centuries. What is bad about destabilizing Iraq is that Iraq and Iran kept each other in check by fighting with each other. Now we have reduced Iraq’s strength, so Iran can cause trouble.

      I heard that Bush Jr. wanted to get revenge for an attack on his dad, and I read that a war was supposed to stimulate the economy. But Bush started with a good economy and a surplus in the treasury, from Clinton. All he had to do was not mess up. But he did.

      Now Obama followed Bush. Obama’s election day was a joyous celebration. The whole country was optimistic. Great things were going to happen. People were going to come together.

      I am disappointed in Obama’s decisions to massively increase the size of government, because our government is inefficient. I absolutely hate it that he leaves our borders almost unprotected. And if he would shut up about amnesty, many illegals would go home. But they have become such a protected species, they are bold enough to march on our capital, flying their flags and demanding their “rights” in Spanish.

      The big farce is, none of them could afford the buses they came in, from all over. Who paid for the meals and motels? Who paid for the gigantic speakers and TVs that were on the lawn?

      What is even worse, is that the criminal aliens are not being deported from sanctuary cities, like LA and San Francisco. That is stupid. Why keep someone here who’s raped, robbed and murdered someone else? Send them home.

      Because of illegals, when I applied for jobs, I had to go though all kinds of hoops and provide all kinds of ID to prove I was legal! Really ticked me off.

      The moral part of things is considered here. One thing that is really bad is that developing nations need birth control. We have birth control. But are not allowed to share it because the religious right doesn’t approve of us letting someone in Africa reduce their birth rate! It’s crazy. Look at China and how much their economy has grown in one generation. They are extreme in their birth control. You are allowed one child. If you have twins, you are frowned upon. If you have a third child, it’s taken away and given to a childless family.

      The problem with not sharing birth control is that the world population is growing at a huge rate. Even if the United States takes in 2 million a year, there are still millions (I think maybe 180 million) being born that we can’t help. And it is sinking our ship. We are 900 billion in debt. It’s scary.

      Illegals commit many crimes because they’re illegal. They drive without licenses, they steal identities, and they drive without insurance. So if one hits your van and it’s totaled, too bad for you, they have nothing. So we all have to pay for uninsured motorist to cover ourselves. I see no benefit in letting illegals in and staying here. My friend from Fresno says we need people to pick the crops. We could have guest workers who are only licensed to work in agriculture and solve that problem.

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