Inspiring places over the last few months

IMGP2915 Van with Mt Shasta backdrop

Mount Shasta’s snow covered peak on 19 December 2009

  Arrived in Mt Shasta

After setting off on our first day and not being sure how the van would manage getting up and over the pass, Mount Shasta was a welcoming sight at the end of hours of driving through fog and rain and a boring greyness. When suddenly the fog lifted, and the white volcanic peak surprised us out of the blue, our spirits were lifted.

One month later, we found ourselves in the sunshine again in another magical place.

Ridgewood Ranch mobile park 19 Jan 2010

Seabiscuit statue
This time it was the birthplace of famous Seabiscuit, at the Ridgewood Ranch north of Ukiah and south of Willits.   Seabiscuit was a legendary racehorse. Through his example of winning against stronger competitors, this smaller horse had inspired the common man to rise above his lot, as he himself did many times on the race track. He truly was an inspiration at the time and his name lives on.



Another month on and we never expected to find a red barn in California. New York state yes, but not here in CA. This was on the way out to the coast from the San Francisco Bay area, on a small road that came out a few miles later at San Gregorio, after which we headed south towards Monterey. Not the kind of scenery we had expected, but inspirational nevertheless. We enjoyed the surprise of seeing the unexpected, just as much as that first day when Mt Shasta had appeared.

A red barn towards San Gregorio on our long drive from SF to the coast

Another month on and we are now further south and still in California ……

19 March 2010 Santa Barbara Mission

…. at one of the twenty one inspiring Missions in California. This one in Santa Barbara was the tenth to be built. It was founded on December 4, 1786 by Father Fermin Lasuen, named for Saint Barbara. The mission sits on a hill, overlooking the city with majestic views of the valley and ocean.

Apparently the spanish missions introduced christianity to this part of America.

This sign caught our eye and made us think about this journey of ours today.




What ideas are we trying to introduce or what learnings are we trying to share?  And …. are all travelers pilgrims and missionaries of one kind or another?


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