Understanding ourselves and our world

One reason for taking a journey across country with a flexible timeframe and route (as this road trip of ours is turning out to be) is to discover a new perspective. In my case, I wanted the time and space in which to make some new observations on the world around us and how we behave as human beings, either in community or alone.

Eight days ago, my post here on this blog was very brief. It was a quote from Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris, sent to me by my friend and fellow learning coach Isabel Rimanoczy. Since then I have had the pleasure of watching Elisabet on youtube and listening to her enlightened views on human kind. If you would like to expand your thinking and experience a new view of the world, here’s an introduction to Elisabet Sahtouris. Here in “After Darwin” she talks about reuniting spirituality with science in a new world view. If you enjoy this, look in our youtube channel for others by Elisabet Sahtouris, under our favorites.


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