This journey

A while ago, I was thrilled to bits when this blog was mentioned by another (see 31 December post “A New Year of Collaboration‘), not only because we had been noticed but also because the writer had taken the time to read all of the pages (the main posts that appear here in the middle and the tabs at the top) and really seemed to understand the purpose of this journey.

I awoke before dawn this morning and for the first time in ages could not wait to find a pen to start writing what was on my mind. This roadtrip – this journey – what was it all about? I filled four pages in my diary with personal thoughts and feelings in no time at all.

Then later, instead of attending the Episcopal Church in Santa Barbara, where I have been for the past two Sundays, I decided instead to attend Carpinteria Community church, for today’s Easter service. Why change?  I had no idea but decided to follow what my heart was saying.

The sermon was quite long and my mind had started to wander, but luckily I managed to stay with the pastor’s words. It was no coincidence that the point of his sermon and the story he was telling were just exactly what I needed to hear today. He was talking about accepting the Easter story and the gift of Jesus’ resurrection. He was asking us to use our new beginning and the power that we have been given, to change the world around us not at some point in the future, but right now.

I had been feeling somewhat sad about the prospect of leaving this lovely little town of Carpinteria, so it was with appreciation that I took the pastor’s words today. For me it is a reminder that I can stay true to the purpose of this roadtrip and also that I can leave the safe space created by new friends and get back on the road once more.

In the van I have all kinds of little toys and silly things to make me and others smile and amongst them I have a golden word ‘Faith’. It, like today’s sermon, is to remind me to have faith and allow myself to be led, so that I can meet exactly the ‘right’ people with the most meaningful stories … and then share them right here. Stories that can inspire us to live our lives with love, compassion and kindness and that also remind us that each moment of our life is miraculous in itself.

I cannot quite find the words to end this post today. I want my words not to exclude you if your are not a churchgoer or if you do not follow a religious path. Maybe you can take the intentions of this post and translate my words into something that resonates with you. And if you feel like joining me here by sharing your views and thinking out loud, then you’ll find on the line below a ‘comment’ box, which I hope you will use.  Thank you.


3 Responses

  1. There’s a marked difference for people who believe in an after-life-life and those who don’t. Those who do are in no hurry to make big changes, as they have forever to see things grow and improve, their situation is not desperate. Those who only have the short time between awareness of their involvement in the world and their ability to do something about and their death get far too excited to be of much use in bringing about real change, as their time is limited and so their thinking is desperate.

  2. Interesting, Hylton. Thank you for your comments. It may take me a little while to let what you say seep into my consciousness.

    Right now I am wondering:
    How would you apply this to climate change and the probability that many people are at increasing risk of losing their homes, and maybe, their lives if they do not change in the short term ….
    and to the continuance of the human race on this planet in the light of all the environmental damage that we have caused?

  3. I loved your Words, CamperVan! Simply perfect!

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