Who is out there and who is with us?

Just added two new links on this page (see right column ‘blogroll‘ for other sites we like), one of which is a Facebook Camping group. On that group we just posted a note to invite others to join us on this blog and on our Van Facebook Page. This is part of our ongoing work – to attempt to attract others to join us on this journey – and to try different approaches to see what works in this world of social networking. Carole is adding to her skills with all this blogging, Facebooking and youtubing and she’s hoping to get some freelance work helping small businesses to do the same. At least that’ll be one way to pay for the cost of this roadtrip, eh?

So while we are on this topic …. have you subscribed to this blog yet? If not, can you please take a moment now? It’s really easy to do:

1. add your email address at top right

2. check your email inbox (or your spam folder) for a reply from WordPress

3. click part of the WordPress email to confirm your subscription


Having taken three months so far and spent lots of money on gas for our 2000 miles, we may need some sponsorship to complete our journey. If we manage to attract any sponsors, they will probably ask how many subscribers we have. Please rest assured we will keep private your email address at all times and only tell others the numbers. By subscribing, you will receive an email when we add a new post, and you will not receive any spam.

Increasing our number of subscribers also gives us feedback that maybe what we are writing is of some interest, after all. Of course, you can add comments whenever you like, to any post here, which lets us know you are out there and with us. THANK YOU.


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