A Stroke of Insight

At the weekend a new friend in Santa Barbara, hearing of my interest in neurophysiology, introduced me to a wonderful book, “A Stroke of insight”. Today in Carpinteria I walked into a used book store to search for a copy of this book and asking if they had it in stock, a kind lady offered to look. Then we got talking ….. and when she set eyes on the Van she said it brought back wonderful memories of her own tour way back when. In 1981 in her 1967 VW bus she and a girlfriend had toured 19000 miles around the USA.

This lady was not the only traveler in her family we soon discovered. She offered for us to stay overnight in her yard and, when we got to her home, we met her parents who were up from LA. Her mother told stories about her travels to India years ago and she also spoke of the Self Realization movement. Being the second person to have mentioned this particular movement to me in the past two weeks, I knew to pause and take note. I then shared a story of my own healing training at the Self Realization and Meditation centre in Somerset, UK, in 2000 and of my earlier journey across the USA that same year (though on that occasion it was east to west) to visit sister centres in Michigan and in British Columbia, Canada.

The Self Realization movement follows the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda – more on this later.
Thinking of this also reminded me of another spiritual journey in 2000. I had been learning about holographic repatterning and taking training seminars in this alternative approach to change, and I’d noticed that many of the practitioners I’d met were followers of Radha Soami Satsang Beas. On my last visit to California in 2005, I had had the wonderful experience of attending Satsang in Petaluma with dear friends Kay and David.  I couldn’t help smile when I noted that a few months ago when I’d come through Petaluma in January, I’d actually attended early morning prayer – this time at Catholic Mass, a very different experience.

What of all this?  ?  ?

One wonders when people are put in our path to make us stop and listen, what is life all about. I’ve had enough experiences to know now that there is no such thing as chance meetings or coincidence. It is divine intervention, the presence of a will greater than our own if only we can stop to listen and surrender.

When I met my new friend today at the used bookstore, another lady joined in the conversation as we stood by the Van, for she too had stories to tell about her dearly departed VW camper. Then she just happened to mention that she worked at a spiritual retreat in Montecito and would I like to come by and visit. The day before I had picked up a poster at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Santa Barbara about attending early morning meditation prayers after my attendance. I now intend to visit both next week. Stay tuned for more and thank you for being with me on this journey.

A journey is a journey – it’s has neither a beginning nor an end – one does not even need to move to discover what one needs to find.

(written by Carole the ‘YesWeCan CamperVan’ driver)


2 Responses

  1. Carole,

    My apologies, I have not commented enough to let you know I am reading your every post and enjoying your journey of discovery immensely!

    I remember subscribing to the SRF course in the late 70’s/early 80’s when I was working in Germany. I had read “Autobiography of a Yogi” and wanted to raise my awareness, but the SRF exercises seemed to be just as dependent on formal routine as the Christian churches (largely Episcopal) I felt were too shallow, albeit SRF was quite “eastern” and different, which kept me engaged for many months. But I eventually cancelled and waited for the next guidance.

    That came in the form of a friend handing me a “Daily Word” from Unity School of Christianity. I was hooked, the language and guidance (labelled Truth) was in line with where I imagined Spirit to be in relation to human “reality” and as I found a church, then found they published many books, then found the books to be revelational, I was finally away from SRF and into a path I am still on today.

    So keep your eyes out for Unity churches; you can find them on unity.org if you want to plan ahead. I suspect you will find most of them espousing “Many paths, one Love.”



  2. I can’t wait to hear more :0) xxxxxxxxxx

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