Shifting soil …. and power

Today I received this Facebook update from Contra Costa County Climate Leaders Program:

Cities are finding that shifting soil, exacerbated by extreme swings in weather, has led to an unprecedented number of foundation failures in houses across the United States.

It reminded me of our drive south of Monterey on Route 1, in the stormy weather, where the mud was sliding down the steep slopes of the Santa Lucia mountain range on our left. In that stretch of road there are few homes but further south, around LA, there are hundreds. The fires of recent years have added to the problem of soil erosion so that the extreme weather of the past two months is now taking its toll.

We love to live in beautiful places, don’t we, but is it always wise for us and for our environment? Is it time that we accept we cannot have everything we want and that the human species in not the superior force on this planet?


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