Moon at sunrise

I was up early (as is usually the case when sleeping in the van) and out with camera to take a photo of Avila Beach at sunrise. What I did not expect was to see the moon up in the dawn sky above the pier.

Looking at this picture reminds me that the unexpected often forms the highlight of the day.

Also looking at the reflections of the pier lights in the sea makes me realize that there were some calm moments in the past ten days that I have been in this area, though they have been few and far between.  That of course makes this even more beautiful, for it stands out amongst the other days of wind and rain and stormy seas. If it were not for those, then this moment would not be as special. In the same way that we can all the more appreciate something when it is in contrast to what preceded it, such spring after winter, warmth after cold, laughter after tears, joy after pain, in this case, the stillness of a tranquil sunrise after so many stormy and cloudy days, was a sight to behold.

Now of course, I need to find from my hundreds of photos, one to show the contrasting stormy weather….

But in the meantime, what can we say about the moon still being present at sunrise? What reflections does that bring to mind; what questions does it pose in your mind?

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Other thought provoking photos:

not normally seen together ……….. at Morro Bay, California, seagulls and ………

squirrels everywhere – sunning themselves on the seashore ! I wonder what Jonathan Livingston Seagull would say?


One Response

  1. Wonderful photos!

    The moon at sunrise reminds me that our ‘shadow selves’ is always present, even when we don’t see it. In some ways, the brighter the external sunshine in our lives, the more pronounced the shadow.

    I have learnt not to be afraid nor ashamed of my so-called dark side because I know there is nothing there that cannot be dispelled by my switching my internal light on. For me that means turning my face to God and letting His Love in.

    The photo of the bird with the mammals that are not usually seen together appeals to my sense of the unexpected and the quirky. For me,being surprised out of my usual ways of thinking and seeing is one of this life’s great gifts.


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