A test drive in the VW Westy

We’re now in Morro Bay, just over 100 miles north of Santa Barbara, and have some great photos to share from today, but before we do, we looked back at some earlier photos and videos. What we noticed was that we are so far behind in sharing these with you … but unless you’ve done this yourself, you may not realize it takes quite a bit of time time to edit and post, especially video.

And we need more comments from you to know what you like and what you don’t like.

So here’s a taster, a video taken just over a month ago and edited a few hours ago.
Go to our youtube channel and find the one entitled “A California Test Drive in the Westy” ….. Darron drives Carole’s 1971 VW Westfalia for the first time and chooses to test her out on the hairpin bends near his home in California. Climbing up the hills to Canyon, in the Oakland hills east of San Francisco Bay, they encounter sun, showers, cyclists and some tough driving. 
We hope you enjoy joining us on the drive.

There are other videos on our youtube channel, too.

Keep checking as there’ll soon be one of us crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.


2 Responses

  1. Dear God Carole! I felt sea-sick just watching your video!!! You did brilliantly to drive around that kind of windy road IN THE RAIN! No wonder you felt tired at the end of it :0) xxxx

  2. Thanks! Actually Darron was driving on this occasion. Did you watch some of our other videos on you tube? There’s one of us driving though the Redwoods. So far I have driven around hundreds of bends in California.
    The ones from route 101 out to the coast from Ukiah and Willits were very challenging.
    Then last week, on the Monday when I left Darron in Moraga, I decided to go over a different bridge westwards and just south of SF out to the coast. From there I ended up on a very windy road, up over hills and then down again to San Gregorio. When I looked at the map next day I saw the GPS system had taken me over the wiggliest road on the map! That drive and the coastal one south of Monterey, where the mud slides and waves gave me a fright, were the ones that exhausted me. But the beauty of the landscape and the wonderful Californians that I meet, keep me going. And, of course, the exhausting drive last week led me to stop and stay at the Inn at Avila Beach which is one of my high high spots of the trip.

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