Barking Mad in Monterey

Hi from one of the wealthiest places in California and the whole of the USA. I’m in Monterey and Pacific Grove, close to Pebble Beach.

This morning as I took an early morning walk along a scenic park by the ocean, admiring the beautiful homes and manicured lawns, I wondered why I tend to get mesmerised by such ‘things’. I love buildings and architecture, and views of shorelines, but I did find myself once again wondering could I live here. In my search for meaning and happiness, when am I going to realize that aesthetically pleasing buildings and views do not make a spiritual ‘home’?

Later as I explored other parts of Monterey, I found the commercial wharf – home of fishermen, seagulls, and pelicans. As I walked closer to take some photographs, I heard some strange sounds. Was that barking? To my delight, as I leaned over the wharf guard rail, I saw a seal … and then another … and another. They appeared to be swimming in pairs. Maybe it’s mating season, since Spring seems to come early here in California.

Lots of photos … of pretty flowers, trees and creatures (great and small) … are on the camera waiting to be downloaded.

Photos and video coming later, promise
Maybe some more musings on searching for meaning, too.


One Response

  1. I think you have an eye for beauty Carole, and beauty comes in many different guises. A beautiful building does not make a home (as you rightly point out) but it can speak to your soul. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, man-made things can appeal to your soul in the same way as the natural work can. A beautiful was first born in the imagination of an architect – even if it then required money to build it.

    I am painting my old pine dresser at the moment. Ironically, I am the one who lovingly stripped it of paint and nourished it with home made bees wax polish 30 years ago! I love that dresser and I decided it was time it had a make-over. It is now in a beautiful shade of duck-egg blue and it pleases my soul to look at it.

    BIG hugs

    G xxxxxxxxx

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