Inspiration – kd lang at the Olympics

Ever since I read about k.d. lang in ‘All you Get is Me’ (and saw her at Heathrow airport the day after I bought the book), I have been inspired by this woman whose integrity is of the highest calibre.

Last night, as I sat at my friends home east of San Francisco and watched the Opening Ceremony of the 21st Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, I had no idea that I was to be yet again stunned by the incredible voice of this legendary artist. As she sang Hallelujah, a song written by fellow Canadian, Leonard Cohen, the huge crowd were stunned into silence.

On waking this morning, the memory of the night before beckoned me to search for a recording of her performance. On the web I found several interviews that I had never seen of KD on British TV and I added these as favourite’s on my youtube channel (you can find these by selecting the Youtube link in the left column).
I also discovered that Google had received more searches for KD’s performance at the Olympics than anything else. Thousands of people were looking for her recording. After much perseverance, including finding it at some sites where it had been later removed due to copyright, I located the official NBC version (I’m writing this in the great United States of America).

You can view kd’s rendition of Hallelujah by going to

If you would like to be even more inspired by her philosophy on life, you can view some interviews with kd under my favourites on my youtube channel. There you’ll see a selection that I made from those available. Like the ‘No Impact Man’, whom you will also find there, kd Lang is a prime example of leadership in a world where many people have lost their connection to nature and their spirit.


[For my favourite’s on youtube: and then click on the YouTube link]

P.S. There is an amazing interview of kd lang on PBS (PBS = public broadcasting service in America, a bit like the BBC).  Ernie Manouse has a wonderfully intelligent interview style. Find his interview on PBS at Inner VIEWS with Ernie Manouse.


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