No Impact Project

After Colin Beaven’s book was published and he’d received interest from most big media in the USA and around the world, he was contacted about starting a project to spread his example further afield. The No Impact Project was born and if you watch the video below it explains how you can join the NO IMPACT EXPERIMENT and work on lowering your impact in only one week.

Once you have watched these NO IMPACT videos, please add your comments and let’s start a conversation.


2 Responses

  1. It’s wonderful to see that we already do much of what Colin Beaven suggests in his video even if our local town council makes it very difficult to do so! Where we used to live (in Suffolk) we used to recycle everything and compost the rest. We had no trash to speak of . We now live in a terrace town house that is part of a modern development and there are no recycling facilities for us or people who live in blocks of flats. Grrrrrrr…..

  2. Keep doing what you’re doing, kiddo! I’m sure you are very mindful of what you consume, as most people are in the UK, relatively speaking that is. I think it’s mostly because there is so much more public education via the BBC and other media whereas, in the USA, there is no national education on over consumption and waste for adults by the ‘government’. It’s up to local non-profits and communities – which is exactly why I am on this roadtrip …. to find good examples to share with others. Hoping to keep spreading the word – thanks for your comments and encouragement.

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