My journey … 55 years from 31 January 1955 to today …

First THANK YOU to all my friends who sent me cards, emails, and Facebook messages. I have my wish of 55 greetings .. and am still counting.  One very special person to thank is my friend in Massachusetts, Amy, who sent me a care package containing British tea bags! And also FIFTY BIRTHDAY CARDS, each one in its own envelope, each with a heart or animal sticker on the back xxxxx

I also updated my ‘Thanks’ Page on this blog, if you’d like to see the other special people – besides yourself – who have been supporting me on this journey.

I’m off to the Sunday morning service at the Episcopal Church in Willits now. More later …… I know it’s going to be a memorable birthday and I am counting my blessings. Thank you for making it even more special by reading this blog.


2 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Carole! I am so pleased to hear that you got your 55 greetings and (thanks to the wonderful Amy) 55 birthday cards too 😀 xxxxxxxxx

  2. Hello there happy birthday from pammie you in Willits still I haven’t followed you very far since I met u in Ukiah hahaha hope all is well I b n Willits feb 1 for testing happy trails

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