Redwood Forest Foundation

Carole is buying three Redwood trees

At the end of the meeting on Saturday, Lin Barrett was selling a truck full of small Redwood trees to raise funds for Redwood Forest Foundation Inc (RFFI).

Lin told Carole about how 70,000 baby trees came to be available for planting due to the demise of a local lumber company. The cessation of clear cutting in recent years followed by loss of demand for lumber has meant that there is little need to re-plant. Therefore the baby trees that were ordered a year or more in advance had no where to go (for full article go to the Press Democrat)

Thanks to the efforts of Lin and other RFFI friends, it looks like all the trees have found a happy home.
For more information and photos on what happened with the trees on Saturday, click here to be taken to the RFFI website article.


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  1. The trees we received (the three baby redwoods that Carole is holding in the photo above) will be planted at the Willits Kids Club site. Someday we’ll have a forest but while they’re growing our students can watch them grow as they grow.

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