Inspiring examples: Captain Vineyards

Today we met Susan Captain, founder of Captain Vineyards, as guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the Moraga Garden Club.

What an inspiration!  She wowed the audience with her passion for wine and for working hard and following her dreams. We loved her sensitivity to the environment and were delighted to hear her talk of questioning established methods for wine growing, such as when and how to add fertilizers. Using traditional manual methods to plant and pick her grapes, she obtains a very high yield from less than three acres.

We look forward to interviewing Susan next Monday 25th and to finding out more about her vineyard and how she is building a sustainable business in harmony with the environment.
If you have any questions for our interview on sustainable farming, creating a small vineyard, establishing a woman owned business, living your dreams, etc, please post them below, so we can include them in our interview. THANK YOU.

Keep tuned for more news and photos.

2009 harvest of the Petite Syrah at Captain Vineyards


4 Responses

  1. I love your blog! and the pics! wow. congrats Carole!!
    A question for the interview: is she doing something to engage her community, so to expand the learning to others?

    • Susan is giving classes through the city of Moraga Parks and Rec. department on growing and maintaining a small family vineyard. These series of classes start in March and end at harvest season this year. Please contact the Moraga Parks and Rec.
      She also has high school interns who want to discover viticultural practices and theory. All of her interns ended up studying Viticulture/Enology at UC Davis.
      At Captainvineyards, we run the only 4-H viticulture program and have graduated many young students through it.
      Hopefully the information is helpful, if you need more please contact us.

      • Sal, Thank you for the extra info. I never knew the word enology before ..

        Enol•o•gy – n. :a science that deals with wine and wine making

        Vi•ti•cul•ture – n. : the cultivation or culture of grapes

  2. Thanks, Isabel, a great question. I’ll ask her and post the answer next week.
    By the way, I love the new look of your website: beautiful design and, of course, a beautiful message!
    (see Isabel’s website at

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