Tuesday 12 Jan, from Willits, CA: from opposition to collaboration in protecting the Redwoods and much more ….

Since arriving in the small town of Willits in north California, last Wednesday 6th, we have been learning a great deal from this small community and how it works with the surrounding county of Mendocino.

An arch donated to the city by Reno, Nevada in 1995

The friendliness of the people here is remarkable, as is their collective intelligence. Their awareness of what it is to be a community and work together to make life good has evolved over time. The results are now showing through in examples such as sustainable agriculture, carbon neutral vineyards and community organizations to protect the Redwoods.

It has not always been like this here. At one time there were warring factions. The logging companies, and the people who they employed, and the environmentalists, who opposed clear cutting acres of the Redwood forests, were in a violent struggle. It grew to a head in the late 80s when a bomb placed in an activist’s car led to a long criminal investigation. These days the mood is one more of collaboration and county led initiatives.

One initiative that brings together many others is WELL – Willits Economic LocaLization, a non-profit whose mission is to foster the creation of a sustainable economy by partnering with others to incubate and co-ordinate projects and facilitate dialogue, action and education. For their full mission statement, newsletter and local events (which are numerous and show the activity of this small town) visit http://well95490.org


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  1. It’s good to hear of an environmental approach that is fostered by its own community rather than being forced on its people by some external agency. A very interesting article – thank you Carole :0)

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