Tuesday night – moon in the forest

When we arrived in Mendocino yesterday afternoon, it was misty and not great for photography. Carole said it looked like Cornwall so why take pictures anyway! We think she was a bit worried about the drive ahead. After strolling around town and a nearby beauty spot  – where grassland trails met the rugged coast and we could see the lighthouse beam in the distance – we drove north to Fort Bragg for dinner. Choosing this route meant we could head back to Ukiah on route 20 east, which we hoped would be an easier drive. As we began to go up and down and round and round equally challenging bends, we began to feel weary. On seeing the road sign ’18 miles of S bends’ we decided enough was enough for one day and focussed on finding a place to turn off the road. It was so dark amongst the big evergreens that we only just spotted a short break in the trees. Then as we peered inside it opened up a big area for day camping. Perfect and safe off the road. Carole checked all our doors were locked, closed the curtains, opened up the bed and fell into her warm cosy sleeping bag. Bothel stayed on look out duty and I basked in the light of the moon and enjoyed being surrounded by gigantic redwoods and pines. “Nite, Nite”, from the ‘YesWeCan CamperVan’.

Nite Nite

Click here for the video version!


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