Tuesday Jan 5th: Hairpin day

Carole awoke at 4.30 when some of the big trucks were heading out. Breakfast at the all night cafe was friendly and set us up for the day. We stayed around Ukiah until midday while Carole tried to make contact with some environmental agencies. Visited Corner Gallery, where Adriana our host for the past two weeks, shows her ceramics, and there we dropped off Bothel Bear‘s little book as a thank you for her one year old daughter.

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We met some other artists at this lovely co-op, and gained one new subscriber to this blog (hurray!) and she joined our Facebook fan page too. Here you can see Minnie showing us one of her beautiful paintings of Mendocino.

The weather outside the Gallery in Ukiah was sunny and mild, not at all like January

After some good advice on which route to take we set off for the coast and Mendocino. Needed to do something important before we began. Carole carried out her first repair on me (the Van) on my brake fluid reservoir and made a new seal which stopped the leak. My brakes felt much better after that! A just in time repair, we soon discovered , since the roads from the valley to the coast were far trickier than we expected. After a few hairpin bends where the road edge dropped off into nothingness,

no words needed

Bothel Bear decided to change positions from the front dash to the sink top behind the passenger seat. Wise guy!

The views were stunning and we hope the photos give you some idea of this breath-taking landscape. There’ll be a video coming here soon, too, so please check back ………..

UPDATE ……………  Click here to take a look at some video that we made of these hairpin bends and our drive through the Redwoods on the way to the coast near Mendocino. Please tell us what you think.

2 Responses

  1. The views look fantastic. Definitely good that your brake fluid was topped up!

  2. Yep! The brakes were okay so I’d been waiting for a sunny day in the forest to see well enough to do the repair. It was easy and fun to do the first one myself. I touch wood there’ll not be many more !! (from Carole the driver)

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