Monday January 4th – leaving the Redwoods

After more photography and saying goodbye to our little cabin, we left the Redwood Forest late in the afternoon.

See us in this video clip to the left, waving goodbye as we drive away.


Arriving in the local town of Ukiah, we took on some supplies and spent our first night amongst much bigger truckers in the truck stop on north edge of town. It was a cold one, yet we were protected by the surrounding big guys.


2 Responses

  1. hey there was wonderful meeting you carole and happy trails to you campervan. Im the girl in the gas station who builds and tests gas stations. i truly enjoyed talking to you and sorry it took me so long to view and comment. I was in roseville today jan 12 testing. hope this finds you in safe and good repair.Keep in touch and happy trails.

    • Hi Pammie, Yes I certainly remember you! The first woman I ever met who constructs gas stations. I apologize also for the time it’s taking to write about our experiences on the road. Just downloaded 500 photos onto my computer, which I hope shows you that it’s the number of wonderful people and places, and not the lack of interest on our part, which explains our delay. Hope all is well with you in Ukiah. We never thought we’d still be in Willits only 25 miles north of where we were when we met you 8 days ago – but everything is for a reason!

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