We are writing this as we are still reeling from a bit of a shock. It’s OK – it was a shock of the nicest kind. It’s a comment we just received in the About section of this blog.

We received a couple of comments so far and they are always wonderful to receive. Today’s was a little different because to us it illustrates the power that social media is giving us, the ordinary person (and the extra-ordinary VW Camper Van!) to draw attention to what we are doing and our purpose. And today, being New Year’s Eve, it is also a time when we stop and reflect on what we have done this year and what we can do in the year ahead. Maybe that’s another reason we are reeling.

On a deeper level today’s comment shows us that we are really being heard. And when we are heard we can make a difference! Just think about that for a moment ……. it’s pretty awesome.

Devon 21

Perhaps there’s another reason why Dave and Mark’s Devon21 comment moved us so powerfully. Moments before we had been thinking about New Year celebrations and our friends around the world. Being in California and in a different time zone to normal had made us especially aware how we would all be experiencing the countdown to New Year at different times. At the same time though we also realized how easy it is to forget this simple truth. So we’d both put a COLLABORATIVE 2010 message on each of our Facebook Walls and asked our friends to let us know what time they’d be counting in the New Year (*see below to post yours later)

That made us feel more connected to our friends far away. When we received the post from Devon21.com, we also felt connected with new friends and with the potential to make a difference. Devon21.com connected our heads with our hearts and this is what came to us:

When we can be heard, and when we can hear others,

When we truly listen to each other and when we connect,

We are a force of nature to be reckoned with, and

We can change the world for ourselves and for each other, for the better.

Let’s welcome in a new kind of New Year and let’s thank all the people who created all the social media tools that give us the potential to speak and be heard, and to listen and connect.


You can post your reply in the comments blog directly below and the time you’ll be entering 2010 to our Facebook pages as follows:

Carole Brown’s Facebook Wall at http://bit.ly/8Unkoe

YesWeCan CamperVan’s Facebook Wall at http://bit.ly/7WRC4J


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