Day 4: 18 December cont’d – getting ready to leave

After brunch, we drove north to Medford to see Ken at Performance Auto for a 2nd inspection before leaving Ashland tomorrow and the long and challenging drive into California over three mountain ranges.

After Ken fixed our dashboard light switch and gave the YesWeCan CamperVan the all clear, Carole took a look at Ken’s restoration project: the beautiful Beetle convertible seen here …

Ken said he’d been given the car and had been working on it for many years. He’d thought that $6000 would be about right for the budget, but now he realized it was going to be at least double that!

After leaving Ken, we went along the road a short way to Import Auto Parts to get a spare clutch and accelerator cable, just in case ………………………

What a place – never seen so many spare parts. Hoping we can get across America without using too many parts or visiting too many stores like this. We have breakdown cover, but it’s good planning to have some spare parts in the van so we can reduce the repair time by not having to wait for parts to be delivered once we’re on the road.

Ken had also mentioned that a local radio installer was having a sale. On visiting them we found out that they were fully booked but while there Carole noticed a guy on the side of the road with a billboard promoting mexican barbecued mesquite chicken for dinner.  It smelled delicious so Carole went in to order a plate of chicken tacos and is seen here with the owner and chef.

Scrumptious!  Thanks to The Chicken Runner, Medford, Oregon, at 1-541-772-2439.


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