Days 2-3: 16-17 December at Heart Song House, Ashland

Past two days have been resting at Earth Song House, enjoying Ashland and test driving the VW Westfalia.

Pamala Joy, my host, and I have discovered some areas of mutual interest and connection: we both care for the environment, reduce our use of water and electricity, and we also both trained with Chloe Wordsworth in holographic repatterning.

Pamala has won several awards for her volunteering work in feeding about 1000 people in need in Southern Oregon. She founded the Food Angels, an organization that now has 60 volunteers who pack and deliver food to homes in the area. I filmed Gretchen, a volunteer, talking about their work and the kinds of fresh foods that they provide.

Gretchen a volunteer at Food Angels in Ashland, OR

In season were persimmons, a delicious fruit. The day before I had seen boxes of them delivered. To see the video of Gretchen go to our Facebook Fan Page for the YesWeCan CamperVan, or watch it at youtube (

Also to read more about the Food Angels project and its founder Pamala Joy, go to


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    Remembering this moment all those years ago as I read about Pamala Joy after meeting another Ashland lady and new Vintage VW friend 🙂

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