Day 1: 15 December – Meeting the Camper Van

Arriving in Medford at 06:15. and feeling fine, despite having the briefest of naps. How come I’d sat near the only snorer on the bus! The lady in front of me had made me giggle when she’d said “I have my ear plugs, but I didn’t know I’d need my heavy duty ones!”.

The Greyhound bus station in Medford was welcoming, newly built and modern, and a nice place to sit while I waited for Przemek to meet me. I was looking forward to meeting this man who had been so good to deal with on EBay Motors. He had seemed so honest and keen to make his customers happy with their purchases. As I waited I chatted to a young lady, Elspeth, related to Edgar Allan Poe (born Boston!), who was studying drama about her dreams to be an actress.

I got up to look outside and a young man was approaching. “Carole?”  “Yes, great timing”.

Przemek turned out to be even nicer than I imagined. We talked over coffee, about life, work, priorities, friends and family over ambition and materialism, doing good in the world. Then when it was time, he drove me to the mechanic’s to pick up the van.

The van is nicer than I imagined, too. Przemek’s photos on EBay had been honest and accurate. I talked to Ken, the mechanic, about the van and its service and paid his bill and we were on our way for a quick test drive. Przemek spent over an hour giving me tips on how to drive with a cold VW engine and showing me the inside of the van: the pop up top, the children’s sleeping hammocks and the pull out bed. We even had our first admirer! An older gentleman, who came up while I was inside, and shouted “Where did you find one of these – I’ve been looking everywhere”.

After a quick drive around a shopping mall outdoor car park, I drove the van back to Ken’s where Przemek collected his car. I then nervously drove the van to his home town of Talent, where I met Przemek’s brother with whom he runs his car dealing business. His brother took this photo of us

We three meet in Talent, Oregon.

after which Przemek drove the van and me to Ashland, to Earth Song House, where I settled in to rest for a couple of days and to practice driving before starting our road trip south to California and beyond.

Another day of meeting wonderful people and realizing that all car dealers are not the same and that trusting one’s inner voice is a very good thing!


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